Theodore S. Lindsey

Site Migration

August 26, 2015

I’ve pretty much finished migrating my blog posts from to here. I decided to make the move when I realized that I didn’t like the level of control over my site that I was able to achieve when using wordpress and I was worried about backing up my content if I ever decided to leave wordpress, especially if I got more stuff posted.

I decided not to migrate my soda “reviews” since looking back over them, I don’t think they’re very worthwhile. I actually started a spreadsheet that I’ve been using for tracking my favourite sodas, which is why I stopped posting reviews. I would rather just enjoy the soda and make a note of how I liked it than try to come up with a number of sentences discussing its merits and shortcomings. I think I might add a page for that spreadsheet at some point.

I also finished migrating all the pages for classes I taught from my math site and my eecs site. I still need to fix formatting issues with a few of them since they’re pretty raw (due to a combination of throwing them together really quickly and not knowing how to use divs properly at that point). Those pages can be found in the teaching section.

I still need to get pagination working on the blog index page. I think it should be easy but I ran into some issues with jekyll that I assume are caused by keeping the blog in a subdirectory rather than as the front of the site. School has been demanding most of my attention lately and I don’t have enough blog posts to overflow the single index page’s capacity yet, so I’ll get to that later. I also want to add an rss feed but that’ll also have to wait.

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