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Procedural All-Color Images ()

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LED Bulbs ()


Your best bet is probably the Philips 455955 bulb. It’s 60w equivalent, uses 8w, has a daylight color temperature (5000k), and is about the best price I’ve run into so far. If you want a more orange bulb, there’s a similar model that’s cheaper and runs at 2700k (I haven’t tried that model but I assume they’re essentially identical). Amazon and Home Depot both sell the 455955 but Amazon seems to price it at about double what Home Depot does. You can probably find it elsewhere too.

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Site Migration ()

I’ve pretty much finished migrating my blog posts from to here. I decided to make the move when I realized that I didn’t like the level of control over my site that I was able to achieve when using wordpress and I was worried about backing up my content if I ever decided to leave wordpress, especially if I got more stuff posted.

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Computer Desk, Finished (part 3) ()

(part 1) (part 2) I actually managed to finish this project surprisingly quickly. I think I only spent about 10 hours total building it.

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Computer Desk, Update (part 2) ()

(part 1). Since I last worked on the desk, I realized I had to figure out how to attach the horizontal braces to the legs. I hadn’t really done much carpentry before so the obvious choice – lap joints – didn’t occur to me and it too my sister suggesting them before I realized it was the obvious choice. Anyhow, here’s how that looks in CAD:

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