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Visual Alarm Clock ()

It’s been a while since I last worked on my visual alarm clock project. Since I haven’t mentioned it before, here’s the gist: I’m working on an alarm clock that will turn on this very bright 85w compact fluorescent bulb (note: not 85w equivalent) in an attempt to abandon an audible alarm (on my phone). I’m hoping that this will be a much gentler wakeup experience. When I get this finished, I’ll have an outlet that the arduino controls with a large 3-380vac relay. I’ll then plug the CFL into that outlet. Additionally, I’ll have a 4-digit 7-segment display to show the time and allow for easily setting the alarm.

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ErgoDox Layout Update ()

Still using QWERTY. I previously had a pretty different thumb cluster. I used to have enter, bksp on the large 2x left thumb buttons and del and then space on the large 2x right thumb buttons. I also had vol+ and vol- on the small 1x right thumb buttons. Here’s the new layout.

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